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    AECS6 + RED Footage = Choked Up Pipeline :(


      I am on a MacPro Desktop, running 10.7.5., 32 GB RAM.

      NVidia Quadro 4000 for Mac video card.

      I have a working RED Rocket Card installed in the system as well. 

      The RED Rocket is supposedly enabled in AE as well, via the Interprate footage box.  It is set to ALL AVAILABLE.


      I have a comp sized 1920x1080 in AE, with mixed footage.  A combination of Quicktimes and 4K R3D footage. 

      The whole comp is only 4 minutes in length.


      When all of the layers are visible, each time I click on the comp and attempt to move the cursor, I get the dreaded beach ball, then after avout 30 seconds or so, the cursor lands where i had put it.  I am not able to actualy scrub through the comp.  Sometime the system forgets that I actually completed the upward click motion and still thinks the mouse is clicked down and is dragging the cursor all over the place.


      When I turn off the layers that contain the RED footage, then I am able to freely and quickly, with no beach ball or hesitation, move around the comp.


      So this tells me that the problem rests with the RED footage.  To double confirm, I turn back on the RED layers, and w're back to getting the beach ball for literally, each and every click I make on the comp.


      All of the footage is located in an internal hard drive in the mac tower, so there is no issue with firewire or esata, etc...  It's all internal.


      I have tried everything that I can do to get this working right, but I am not able to.


      Has anyone else encountered this problem?


      Any help or advise, or better yet, a solution, would be greatly appreciated!