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    How to save a Tiff to Jpeg and automatically open the Jpeg copy?


      I got this workflow,

      1) From LR export to PS

      2) Do all essential editings.

      3) Save. File become 'xyz.tiff' now. (I want to keep this as master copy)

      4) Crop to 4r, Save a Jpeg copy as 'xyz 4r.jpg'

      5) PS save it as a copy, but do not automatically open the Jpeg copy. The tiff remains opened. I have to manullay Open, browse to it, and open the Jpeg. The 'Open Recent' list also do not list 'xyz 4r.jpg'.

      6) Do 4r sharpening for the 'xyz 4r.jpg', save it.


      Basically the files I want to keep and worked on is like this: NEF -> xyz.tiff -> xyz 4r.jpg -> xyz sml.jpg(maybe)


      Now, it there a way in step (5) to have PS save the Jpeg copy, and automatically open it? I dont care if the Tiff copy remains opened or not, I am done with it.