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    Nikon D600 MOV (h.264) files slow in Premiere 5.5

    Doug-bedfoto Level 1

      I'm wondering why the Nikon MOV files (h 264, 1080/30p) files stutter in Premiere 5.5. Doesns't matter if "CUDA" is turned on or off. They play back so smoothly in any other media player (Windows Media player, Quick time player, etc. and at full res.)  The similar files from my Canon 7D also play back much more smoothly in Premiere 5.5.  I'm wondering if the Nikon D600 is too new for Premiere 5.5 and if I need to upgrade to version 6.  Any ideas?  The system is running fairly fast - Win7 Pro X64, Intel 3770K (not yet accelerated, 16GB RAM).



      Doug A