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    Adobe Camera Raw forum stickies/announcements/FAQs

    Yammer Level 4

      This forum is starting to do my head in.  It seems that every other question is the same: why can't I open my raw files?  Sadly enough, I can see why: there's nothing in this forum which answers this basic question.


      I know that people could use search if they wanted, but getting the right answer depends on choosing the right words.  It would be a lot simpler if the answer was just up there in bloody big letters.  It could be a "sticky" post at the top of the list, or an "announcement" across the top.  Where is the FAQ?  Damned if I can find it.  Isn't there an admin in this forum?


      But, even if this was fixed, I'm afraid that the Photoshop forum mods will just keep dumping the same posts in here, because their users are no wiser.


      What a waste of time and effort.