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    Emailing a Checklist

      Apologies in advance if this is covered elsewhere.
      I have a few checklists that when completed by a User (for example person joins the company) that they've been through duties of that position.
      When that User has completed the list I'd like to be able to email that page - not really as a 'link' but as the page itself, (obvoiusly with the check-marks there) to the departmental manager.
      I'm sure there must be a way of doing this that I'm overlooking, although I appreciate that RH isn't really designed for such a task.
      Any and all ideas gratefully recieved.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Al. You are right when you say RH is not designed for this prupose. You would be better using something like Word to do this and then emailing the file. You can create forms in RH and could even use radaio buttons to record the progress of the member of staff as they progress. Then you could locate the .HTM file and email it but you'd loose all the formatting associated with the topic's style sheet.