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    Why on earth do we have to go to a webpage and download the software first ???


      With all respect, it is as annpying as it can get.


      Every time when I try to upgrade or update Adobe Flash Player , I have to come to a page and download the software first and install it, and it will pop up another window just to tell me my Adobe Flash Player is up to date, and tells me the version of the Adobe I have.


      I am absulutely sure, there are a lot of smart people in Adobe.com; can't any one of them stand up and say let's update just like the rest of softwares out there !?!?!?!?! ....


      I mean I don't have to go to Java almost ever; I don't have to go to Skype, I don't have to go to Real player, I don't have to go to VLC.... I can keep listing the softwares that it supports automatically upgrade from the software itself without taking us to website every single time !!!


      Even if it's some kind of business strategy, it does not amke too much sense. Please listen to some users, if I am the only one having this problem, I stop complaining about it, and stop updating/upgrading it.


      Otherwise, as you ask for our feedback, please consider our feedback, and add direct update/upgrade feature.


      Thank you in advance.