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    Camera Raw update download lightroom 4


      How do I download the update for Camera Raw for Lightroom 4? I cannot seem to find a "download" button. I seem to get sent in circles. Thank you.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What path are you following the you feel leads in circles?


          You might try using a different browser as a first step.


          But if you are going to the page linked below, and find yourself going in circles, chances are you only think you are since the page progression look somewhat the same for each link you click.  You need to scroll down the page to find the clicked section opened, which might lead you to having to do it again for a similar looking page.  I do not know why they make it so interactively non-linear, but it is.


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            Lightroom does NOT use the Camera Raw plug-in.  What you need to do is update Lightroom itself.


            Lightroom uses a similar engine to the one in ACR, but it's baked into Lightroom itself.


            Any ACR plug-in you may download will be useless with Lightroom.