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    InDesign Server (CS5.5 and CS6) CPU hog when no activity is happening.

    AJDValien Level 1

      Hi all,


      Strange scenarios we are seeing in one of our production systems. When a .pdf if generated it works great. I see InDesign get hit and the .pdf renders quickly. Then about 10-15 seconds later when there is no activiity happening I see InDesign spike (and in the Event log I see 'executing javascript') and it takes that instance to full CPU for about 2-3 minutes then dies off. This is all without any additional commands or jobs being sent to it from the web server.


      During the time that it is spiked out of course no other jobs can work with it until this process gets killed or dies off naturally. I've been trying to investigate to find out what is causing this but haven't seen a concrete answer.


      Any ideas/thoughts from the community on this?