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    I need DV so now what ?

    PastaPrimavera Level 1

      I know this has been discussed before and i am not looking to start that over agan. DV was removed from 4.7 and honestly that was one of the main features we used.

      To be able to simply drag and drop pieces from the toolbox and move them arround to get a quick view of how it would look is a far faster method than anyone can do in code alone.

      That said, we have to leave adobe and look for an alternate. I have looked at silverlight and though i feel it is a great prodcut as well MS also said this is dead but will be supported to 2022.

      What that support level is who knows.  So the bottom line is i am tired of wasting my money and time on products that only last a season.  Why these two great prodcuts are have been ruined dumbfounds me.


      So now what ?   Where do i go from here ?

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Flex has moved to Apache.  Hopefully there it will be around forever.  FlashBuilder and DV is another story.  You can use FB 4.6 and DV alongside FB4.7 for other code.  Hopefully someone will conjure up a DV-like thing someday, but I doubt it will be Adobe.


          Also note that Apache Flex is prototyping ways of outputting your Flex apps to HTML/JS/CSS which could make it easier to target more browsers and devices going forward.