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    Sound Channels and Live Video Feeds

    Mr. Myers
      Hello All,

      I spent the better part of the afternoon researching this one and have come up empty handed. The app I am designing displays two live webcam streams from an FMS. What I want to do is control the audio from each stream so that camera1's audio plays in the left speaker only and camera2's audio plays in the right speaker only. I know this is done via soundchannels and soundTransforms, but how do you associate a soundChannel with the audio from a live webcam stream? All of the documentation I have read illustrates how to associate a soundChannel with a static mp3 file. ie:


      sc = s.play();


      The following code is what I am working with thus far. All I have been able to do is successfully control the volume with a soundTransform, but I can't seem to do anything with pan and I think it is because I am lacking the knowledge concern creating a soundChannel to control a live webcam stream:


      inStream1 = new NetStream(client_nc);


      trans1 = new SoundTransform();

      trans1.volume = .5;

      trans1.pan = -1; //doesn't work

      inStream1.soundTransform = trans1;


      inStream2 = new NetStream(client_nc);


      trans2 = new SoundTransform();

      trans2.volume = .5;

      trans2.pan = 1; //doesn't work

      inStream2.soundTransform = trans2;



      Thank you for your time and energy!