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    Adobe Reader App- Nexus 7


      I have a NEXUS 7 with ADOBE READER installed. Previously when I tapped a PDF icon file a dialog box would open a give me a choice of which APP to use. (Adobe or Think Free). I always chose ADOBE. However, now it seems that the THINK FREE has taken over and is the default PDF viewer. I contacted Google support and they told me to unistall the ADOBE READER and then reinstall it. No that didn't work. If I open the Adobe reader app only the RECENT files show up and none of the other never opened PDF files are listed. How do I open a PDF file in a specific folder. There is no dialog and OPEN file (like on a PC). I moved my fingers all over the place and nothing happens. Now what's worse is that the THINK FREE app can't be unistalled because it doesn't show up in the APPS list. It might be part of the Nexus OS? So the real question is .... How do I open a specific PDF file on the NEXUS 7 without tapping on the file icon which triggers the other app?