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    PS CS5 Unexpectedly Quitting!?

    LApanic Level 1

      For the first time this morning while working on a website UI design, PS unexpectedly quit?  I have no idea why it did it twice after rebooting and checking memory usage.  My machine is as fast as I need it with 60-70% of my RAM allocated to PS.  Here's what I am running and error log if anyone can help guide me in the right direction.


      • MacbookPro 8,1- 13"
      • 120 GB SSD - (OS, Apps, Home Folder)
      • 250 GB HHD - archive, storage, graphics library (removed Optical Drive to fit this drive in the MBP)
      • 8gb DDR3 RAM
      • Adobe CS 5.1, Photoshop Ext., Illustrator, Dreamweaver


      My last error log is located here (not spam..lol)