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    Signatures from multiple computers


      Can I use the same digital certificate developed on one computer to also digitally sign from an alternative computer, such as a portable laptop?  Or do I need to create a new digital certificate for the laptop?  If I can transfer this certificate for signing, how do I do it?  I have Acrobat Standard 9 on the main computer and 8 on my laptop.  Thanks.

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          Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee

          Hi Shadya10,


          They are portable. If the file is already in a PFX format you just need to copy the file from one computer to another. If you save the digital ID into the Windows Certificate Store you need to use the Windows interface to export the file. You can follow these steps:

          • From Acrobat, select the Edit > Preferences menu item
          • Select Internet from the Categories list box
          • Click the Internet Settings button
          • Select the Content tab on the Internet Properties dialog
          • Click the Certificates button
          • Highlight your digital ID and then click the Export button
          • Follow the on screen directions.