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    Exporting in H.264 gives me a Aac file of 0 kb in premiere pro cs6.


      Hey guyz,


      I've been making a project of mixing video's en music peaces into a video. I have exported this project several times And first this was no problem at all.

      The last few days it became a problem. After exporting my project in 35 hours it should have been completed. 100% was showing and i did not get any errors.

      When i got to the output folder there are only 2 Aac files with 0 kb as memory. I've tried several things:


      Changed the fps (25, 29,7)  and other options in exporting (youtube-file, vimeo file),

      Exported a Avi file (this worked but this is not the export file i want due the loss of hd-quality),

      I have removed several videotracks,


      Help is very welcome!


      Greets Jeroen