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    createChildSymbol in a Symbol


      Hello, ive just stareted learning edge animate. i want to do a simple thing ( which would be for me in actionscript ) but in edge animate seems not. I just want to create a childsymbol dynamically and put it into a symbol which already exists in a symbol that is placed on stage. my code looks like this:


      var mycard = $(sym.createChildSymbol(storeCardsTemp[i], "playerPanel"+playerpanelid).getSymbolElement());  - this is working fine!


      but i want to go one level deeper and place it in the symbol "playerPanel"+playerpanelid into a symbol which is called "Holder".


      this is what ive tried to do:


      var mycard = $(sym.createChildSymbol(storeCardsTemp[i], sym.$("playerPanel"+playerpanelid).$("Holder"))); - this is not working


      can anyone help me ?



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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          So you have symbol holder containing symbols playerpanellid and playerPanel? Right?

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            dichta Level 1

            no, i have a symbol which is build dynamically "playerPanel0" (f.e.) and inside of it i have a symbol named "Holder" - in "Holder" symbol i want to place the child


            so somehow i need to acces sym.playerPanel0.Holder and place the child in there


            ive tried also:


            var mycard = $(sym.getSymbol("playerPanel"+playerpanelid).createChildSymbol(storeCardsTemp[i], "Holder").getSymbolElement());

            - but still no luck !


            OK FINALY IT WORKS if i write like this:


            var mycard = sym.getSymbol("playerPanel"+playerpanelid).createChildSymbol(storeCardsTemp[i], "Holder").getSymbolElement();



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