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    Stopping Edge animation play after page visit.


      I have an Edge animation as a banner on my homepage. I was wondering how, if for example someone landed on my homepage the animation plays out, then navigates to my portfolio page, then back to the homepage, the animation would not play again. I think I'm trying to go the more is less route, also I think it will increase overall page loading speed, than trying to replay the animation everytime you return to my homepage. I hope this made sense. Thanks.

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi there, the first thing that comes to mind is to use session storage. Set a variable "isFirstTime", and check it on Stage.compositionReady in Edge. You can then jump to the end of your timeline, effectively skipping the animation. Alternately, you could set and check session storage outside of Edge, and swap out the div's contents to either contain Edge content, or a static image, etc.


          Here is a good example:



          Session storage stores data until the user closes the browser, so they would see the animation again if they closed the browser and visited your site they next day, but they wouldn't see it again on the same visit.