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    Lots of noise in the windows picture-viewer - What can I do?


      Hello folks,


      I hava a problem I just noticed. My very first pregnancy pictures have a lot of noise after I saved them as a jpg-file. It's a pretty dark picture in Black&White. In Photoshop it looks great and I noticed that it also looks great in Windows 8 new photo-App. Only the "old" picture-viewer shows all the noise that actually isn't there. My problem now is that, if I send the pics to my customers, the could be pretty dissappointed when they see the bad result that really isn't a bad result at all. And it would be pretty stupid to tell them not to use the picture-viewer or ignore the noise that actually isn't there....


      _DSC5605 (FILEminimizer).jpg


      Now my problem: Did I make a mistake during the saving-progress as a jpg-image?

      What needs to be done to have a good-looking result, no matter which software or program opens the picture?


      Thanks so much from Germany,




      PS: The noise is now not seen in the picture above. But it is when I use the picture-viewer.

      Screenshot (29).png