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    Is it possible to force AE to fail if plugins are unlicensed/not-installed?


      Hi -


      Odd problem. We run a small shop and in order to save money we buy only licenses for AE plug-ins that we really NEED. Unfortunately, sometimes the artists forget that there is only one/a-few licenses for a specific plugin and they submit the render queue to the watch-folder based render farm.


      The farm happily renders the projects, for some plug-ins, it just pretends that they are not in use and for others it puts big X's across the image.


      Does anyone have a suggestion that will keep the projects from rendering on the farm?


      I'm hoping to get one of the following:

      • some kind of AE preflight that will introspect the specific AE install and compare against the plugs required by the project
      • a preference/plug-in that will cause a hard failure instead of a bad render
      • some other approach that I have not considered.


      I don't want to lose the time it takes to render projects unnecessarily nor do I want to have the artists annoyed by renders that don't "look" right when they are done.



      Any Suggestions?