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    PS6 inconsistent color display one moment from the other


      Hi, I am having a problem where Photoshop does not always give me accurate color display all the time. I am aware of the situation but this has become an issue where I have to edit some photos for a pro lab output. The monitor has been calibrated and delta E is less than 0.5, which is okay.


      Attached is the print screen of PS at one moment, vs the print screen of PS at another moment (they were layered and mask applied). Dragging the image U/D/L/R also shows the colour one or another. This becomes quite an issue since I had no way of telling whether I am seeing the correct color, especially when I am soft proofing or converting color profiles for final output.


      Just wondering if anyone could give a pointer in solving this annoying issue, or had experienced before, many thanks.


      System: Windows 8 on HP Elitebook, PS6, Intel HD3000 graphics connected to Dell UltraSharp 24"


      Attach01.jpg Attach02.jpg