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    Go to Mountain Lion from Snow & CS6

    GeofferyH Level 1

      So, I'm thinking that I might have to upgrade to ML at some point, mostly because of Lightroom not being SL compatible and future iterations of the Creative Suite won't play with Snow either.


      I know that the "best" way is said to erase and install from scratch, but that would literally take days — deactivating/reactivating finding install discs, plug-ins, scripts, serial numbers, etc., etc.


      Has anyone upgraded over Snow and had the CS suite run without problems?


      Thanks in advance.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I'm sure you'll find someone, you'll also find people that spent days

          trying to get it to work and wound up blowing out the machine anyway.


          It's your call but nobody else's experience is going to help you one bit.


          Wish I had something more concrete for you but my personal policy is to

          never upgrade an operating system. It's just not worth the headaches.