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    Inserting buttons at the right time

      I am trying to get a "next" button to appear on the end of my slide as my audio is finishing. I have gotten it to work just fine on most of my slides but am having trouble getting to work on one particular slide. When I preview the slide by itself it works great but when i preview the project the button doesn't appear??
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          CatBandit Level 3
          There is almost certainly something on the slide that is causing the advance to stop on the time-line before that button is reached ... OR ... (a variation of that) you have the transition for the button (Fade In, Fade Out) set so that the slide stops suddently before the button is allowed to display.

          Check out the button "Transition" settings, as well as the other settings on the "Options" tab of the button Properties dialog. ALSO check out the other items (objects) that are near, in time, to the button on the time-line. Let us know ... thanks!
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            TG-Ed Level 1
            I talked to tech support for some time. I sent them my file and they worked fine when they opened them. They told be that my files may be to big and it isn't showing me that it is working. They told me how to use the"select unused button" to try and make them smaller. they said that files over 50M might have to be split up to work right. I find this very annoying that the program can't handle big files...all i have is voice and text no movies yet some of my files are around 150M and now i may have to split them up to get them to work right according to tech support.
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              CatBandit Level 3
              It worries me that you are annoyed that the program can't handle big files. Part of learning any software is learning its limitations as well as its strengths. My earlier advice ... you don't mention it, so I'm wondering, have you checked it out?

              Actually, I'd say your goal should be to have CP files in the 5-10Mb size range, and I certainly wouldn't wait until they reached 50 Mb (to say nothing of 150Mb) before finding a way to reduce them. If you think that size is your problem, run a search for "file size" (in these forums). This is an often-discussed subject, so you should get lots of hits including helpful advice from earlier posts, so I'm not going to attempt to reinvent that particular wheel for you.
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                TG-Ed Level 1
                I did check out your earlier advice and I had set the button correctly. It worked great in the edit mode but when i went to preview it would not appear. When i sent my file to tech support it worked fine. I know learning new software may take some time...i have one 4 slide project that is 37M, it is just text and my voice. I can't imagine that a 5-10M file that would be one slide. I will search for file size like you mentioned. I guess if i added it a movie to a slide show it would even be worse. Thanks for advice