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    Validation issues with form in Spry Collapsible Panel

    Janet_des_Habs Level 1

      I've started a new job and I'm trying to fix some issues we have with a form not validating.


      The person who created the site made a page for contact and video/literature requests.  They used Spry Collapsible Panels for each section of the site. The panels contain forms. 


      The big headache is the contact form.  We get blank ones all the time, because apparently the MM_Validation info/code (OnSubmit) is being ignored.


      We have an old page with the same form, same validation, outside the Spry panels and it works fine.  That's the only difference I can see.


      Has anyone else had this issue? Is it resolvable, or should I just redesign the page (which I would eventually like to do anyhow, but it's not a priority for my employer)?



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          Mike M Level 6

          Two "structural" possibilities for this:

          Either the call to the validate script is "misdirecting" (not pointing to the correct location in your directory) or

          The validate script is not able to locate the form in the Spry panel and fails to validate.


          The issue of blank submissions makes me think it's something else altogether though. Do they both run through the same script (ASP, PHP or CGI) to send the form?

          If not you might want to look at the script for the Spry paneled form and see if it matches the other.