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    RH 10.0.1 problem with Japanese CSS files?


      On Monday (22 Apr 2013), I installed the RH 10.0.1 patch. (Also that morning, Windows 7 did an auto-update of about 1-bajillion items, and the rotten thing deleted all of my Word macros without so much as a howd'ye do. The sole reset point on my box is post-updates.)


      Since then, my Japanese pages have looked OK in the editing window, but in preview and generation, all of the formatting is missing—no hanging indents or numbers, no table formats, no colors, no paragraph formats.


      If I manually change the page to use default.css, that formatting is applied, including on the master page, which has JPN.css as its default.


      My JPN.css file is identical to default.css except for font definitions. (Verdana for default, Meiryo for JPN.)


      I have other CSS files that are working fine; however, they're applied to Latin-alphabet pages.


      What is going wrong? Did the patch do this? Did Windows? What should I check?