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    AE Project not Opening on Different Computer


      I created a basic After Effects project on one computer using AE CS5. Nothing extravagant, just some keyed footage over a simple b/g and some music in the beginning. I should also note that I imported this footage as the MXF files directly from the card data (shot on the Canon XF100). I save the project & take it over to another computer to render, but the project will not open. This computer is running CS 5.5, which shouldn't be a problem as far as opening the project. I just get the message that it will have to update the project...say ok...then it freezes at 92% of opening the project. I then have to Force Quit as the program is "Not Responding". Is it possible that the use of the MXF files directly is causing this issue? If not, any ideas on what the issue could be? I'm not super techy, so if you need more info on the machines (other than provided in screenshots), let me know & I can post that. Thanks in advance for any help!




      computer of origin:

      computer 1 info.pngcs 5 info.png



      computer with issue:

      computer 2 info.pngcs 5.5 info.png

      ae message.png