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    Coldfusion AMI in EC2: how to add more web servers?




      I am currently running an instance of the Coldfusion AMI with linux.

      I want to keep that instance and launch 2 more web servers (independent machines) that point to the coldfusion application server.


      How can I do this with apache , tomcat, etc?

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          pete_freitag Adobe Community Professional

          If you are looking to have just two additional web servers and a single CF server - you can launch two more linux server instance (does not need to be a ColdFusion AMI, you can use the Amazon Linux AMI for example).


          Then copy the contents of the /opt/coldfusion10/config/wsconfig/1/ folder over to the new linux servers.


          In that directory edit the workers.properties file and change the line that says




          To something like this:




          Make sure the firewalls allow traffic to the port specified in this file from the web servers.


          Next copy the /etc/httpd/conf/mod_jk.conf file from the CF server on to the web server, and add that to you httpd.conf (eg add Include mod_jk.conf, or put the file in a conf.d folder).


          I think all that should work -- I haven't tested it. For security you might want to make sure you have setup a connector shared secret, see the CF10 Lockdown guide for instructions on setting that up.



          Pete Freitag

          Foundeo Inc.

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            mistermaikcr1 Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            Your answer is right, it did work, just the file location for mod_jk.conf is in /etc/apache2/mod_jk.conf.


            Now I am going to the next step:

                 - instead of 1 single CF instance I need 2 of them in a Cluster.


            I did it work locally in my machine using static membershit configuration, because multicasting is not allowed in EC2.


            If a follow you, I need to create the cluster and move the config to apache again, but in this case registering 2 more workers: the cluster as load balancer and the remote instance?

            I am confuse about the main instance. It is a single point of failure? because I'll point the external apache web server to the IP of the cluster right?


            Here is my workers file:







            worker.cfusion.host= MyIP1




            worker.cfusion2.host= MyIP2