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    Import .ai files into AE for Extrude Problem


      I've been working on converting a vector into a shape and am having no luck. I've done this before and have had no problems. I import my vector .ai into AE as a comp (sequence tickbox not selected). Once I've got it in, I drag to the project, then click  layer > create shape from vector layer. My shape populates at the top, my .ai file is off and what is just one of the three colors, along with the shap. I've checked the the shape's contents, every group has the correct fill with the correct blending mode. I'm at a loss, Any ideas would be appreciated.

      Also, I've tested other logos with the same results--one color displays while the others don't. I'm working with "ray-traced render engine" And, I've reset my preferences.




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Converting vector layer to shape when the vector layer contains a gradient is not supported. Gradients will come in as a gray fill. If you have more than one fill on a layer you will get both fills but you will loose the blend modes or any opacity masks on the fill. Basically you're stuck with solid color fills and solid color paths when you use Shape to Vector Layer.


          Also, each illustrator path you want to turn into a shape must be on a separate layer. Multiple shapes on in the same layer will come in as a shape layer but the paths and fills will not be correct. AE will do it's best to figure out what you want but the chances for multiple paths filled with different colors in the same layer to be converted correctly is remote.


          You can, however, add and modify as many gradient fills as you like to a shape layer in AE.

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            jarnesena Level 1

            Thanks, that really helped. I just broke up the three logo elements in illustrator saving them as three separate files, then reimported back into AE, turned them into objects then rebuilt the logo. Worked like a charm, Thanks again.