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    Best $1k-$2k monitor for editing HD video?

    Geronimosan Level 1

      I'm finding myself lately doing quite a bit of color correction to HD video footage lately, and my extremely old monitor (Planar PX2611W) just isn't sufficient anymore, so I'm hoping you all might be able to help me. I've looked at a number of different monitors, and am starting to get confused by all of the Gamut discussions and whether they play at all into video editing (or are just for photo editing - which is also important to me), calibration issues (or devices), etc.


      What I am looking for is around 27", preferably closer to $1k but willing to go up to $2k'ish, professional grade and calibrated monitor for editing HD video footage (displayed on everything from HD TVs to smart phones) and photos (mostly for web but also definitely do some printing - usually all in the sRGB gamut).


      Also looking for calibration device suggestions if the monitor doesn't have such functionality built in.


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!