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    Duplicate file changes


      My wife has 3000 photos in PSE 10. I would like to duplicate this file for my own use and eliminate the birds, flowers, and etc. from my file without changing her file or pictures.

      I would also like to be able to modify my photos with out changing hers.

      Is this possible?  

      If so, how please?

      Thank You

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          You will want to duplicate the Elements Organizer catalog file. You can find where this file is stored by going to Help > System Info within the Organizer. Go to that location and make a copy of the catalog folder (not the catalog file). Give the duplicate folder a name you will recognize, as this will be the name of the catalog that appears in the Organizer. Then in Elements Organizer, go to File > Catalog and select the duplicate catalog (the name you used when renaming the folder). Then you can make all the changes you like to the Organizer. When you edit files, make sure that you don't save over the original file (use File > Save as) and you will be fine. While you can do this with a single computer user account, it would be simpler with multiple accounts.

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            Gnome1938 Level 1

            Thank you for the quick reply. Do to my ineptness I am unable to do as you instructed. I found the right screen but was unable to duplicate it.

            Could you help me set up a new computer user acct for this purpose?


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              Brett N Adobe Employee

              That depends on your OS. Are you using Windows? If so, what version? Or are you using Mac? If so, what version?

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                Gnome1938 Level 1

                I am using Windows XP 2002 Home Version with service pack 3.

                Thanks again

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                  Gnome1938 Level 1

                  Greeeat. I now have a separate user account but I am confused as to how to

                  change items in my PSE 10 files without affecting files with the same name

                  in the original user account. Your instructions are great. Thanks for the


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                    Brett N Adobe Employee

                    Your edits are only temporary until you save the file. To avoid affecting the other files (the originals) just don't save over the original. Use File > Save As, this will create a new copy of the file.

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                      Gnome1938 Level 1

                      I am gaining on it.

                      I have set up the separate user account and when I open PSE10 I am able to

                      view my photos in the DISPLAY - THUMBNAILS but when I go to DISPLAY -

                      FOLDER LOCATION  nothing appears.


                      In my original user account all photos were in a folder called MY PICTURES.

                      I then set up a folder called JOHN'S PHOTOS

                      and copied the photos from one to the other.


                      I then went into PSE10 in my new user account and set up a catalog named

                      JOHN'S PHOTOS and set it to be scanned.

                      I have deleted all other catalogs.


                      I am lost. help please.

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                        Brett N Adobe Employee

                        Why did you delete the other catalogs? The way you have described your desired setup would require two catalogs (one for you and the images you want to work with, and one for your wife). If you delete all other catalogs, that means that your wife and you will have to work on the one catalog available.


                        The Folder Location view will only show you the contents of a single folder. So if all of your prictures are in JOHN'S PHOTOS and you have the MY PICTURES folder select, you will not see anything.

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                          Gnome1938 Level 1

                          Sorry to be a problem but I am getting nowhere through my own ignorance. I

                          have a large Kingston flash drive ( drive G) that I have copied all my

                          pictures to. Is it possible to to use that as a separate unit and make

                          changes without affecting my hard drive? If so how may I do this?  Again

                          sorry for my ignorance.

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                            Brett N Adobe Employee

                            Yes. If these are duplicates, then open them, make your edits, and save. You won't have to worry about Save As because you already have a duplicate.