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    Flash reading image file from webservice

      Hi guys,

      I want to download an image from a webservice. What would i potentially need in flash to get it working?
      I came up with the following strategy:

      Use a Bytearray to read in byte data of the image from the webservice. Each webservice call would return a different set of bytes, use these bytes to build the image in flash.

      I am not too sure about the specifics either, (i also need help on this). For example, I believe i need to use the ByteArray class and do I need to get a raw socket hooked up to the server or is just using the return data from the webservice and making another call sufficient?

      I am targeting AS3, however if anyones has done it in AS2 or can come up with it in AS2 then please post, it will help.

      Any help is much appreciated.