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    Install of bundled product


      Hi everyone--


      I have previously been using Photoshop Elements 6 (Windows version) but recently purchased the bundled product that contains Photoshop Elements 11 AND Premier Elements 11. 


      I just tried to install and realized that each one is installed separately.  As part of the new install, I understand that I need to convert my "old" Photoshop Elements 6 catalog.  I know this is done when I open up Photoshop Elements 11 for the first time.


      My confusion is over what will happen after I install Premier Elements 11.  My assumption all along with the "bundled" product is that there would be one organizer for both photos and videos.  Is that not the case with the bundled product? Are there 2 separate organizers -- one for photos and the other for videos (hopefully not).  My hope is that this is not the case.  However, if it is, does that mean I have a completely separate catalog for videos? My current catalog from Photoshop Elements 6 contains both photos and videos (even though I didn't have Premier Elements previously). 


      At this point I have only installed Photoshop Elments 11on my laptop and NOT the Premier elements portion.  I was going to convert my catalog so I could open it up in Photoshop Elements 11. However, before doing so, I was hoping to get some clarification on whether indeed there will be 2 separate organizers for each product.  If so, I am not sure how I separate out the videos from my current collection as they are all together at this time.


      Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!