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    Stop video audio when jumping to another label?

    rossfranks Level 1

      Hey there I have a video with audio (showing within a "videoHolder" object) at one label, but when I click a back button to go back to the main menu at another label, the video disappears but the audio still plays.


      ie the video label is...


      var vid = sym.$("videoHolder");

           vid.html("<video width='600' height='400' controls= 'controls' preload='auto' autoplay='autoplay' poster='video/medicationAlliance.jpg'>" +

      "<source src='video/medicationAlliance.mp4' type='video/mp4' />" +

      "<source src='video/medicationAlliance.webm' type='video/webm' />" +

      "<source src='video/medicationAlliance.ogg' type='video/ogg' />" +



      whilst the main menu is...




      Is there anyway to stop the audio playing at the main menu?


      Thanks in advance.