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    Workflow for a 2hr 26min DVD (need max quality possible)

    Daniel_Peterson Level 1

      Hey all,


      So I have 2hrs and 26min worth of clips (9 in total), Already exported as 1920x1080 ProRes.

      They need to be authored to a single DVD.


      I know this is pushing the limit of a DVD, but how would you go about getting the maximum quality possible for a DVD of this length in Encore???




      Note: I have already tried this once by dropping all the clips into a PPr sequence to work out approx bit rate to use... It estimated a 'Target Bitrate' of 2.8 Mbps for a total file size of 4.5GB.

      Perfect... I thought, it took 2 days to render the clips at maximum depth and quality and when I get the final files into Encore, it only adds up to approx 3GB!? Bad estimation on PPr behalf... still 1.5GB worth of quality missing that I need to capitalise on...


      Thanks for any suggestions.