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    are people still using Pagemaker?

    .Buko. Level 1

      tell me its not true.

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          are people still using Pagemaker?


          I've not even got it installed any more.  

          The 10th anniversary of the death of PM is only months away (2014).

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            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

            Hello, Buko, it's nice to see you are still arround, even if only sporadically.


            Unfortunately, I cannot tell you that PM is no longer used. I know of several people who haven't been able to afford upgrading their computers and software for years, and who depend on PM for earning a few badly needed extra bucks. And there are many countries that are not nearly as well off as we are here, so my guess is that the number of PM users is not by any means small.


            Also unfortunately, Adobe's pricing and licensing policies are making it more difficult all the time for all these people to afford upgrades. Not to mention the fact that the new Cloud versions are not available in any Spanish speaking countries except Mexico and Spain, even for those willing to use them and with money enough to afford the significant and abusive extra charges outside the USA. And then thay have the cheek to complain about piracy ...