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    problems with OUTPUTing video

    flash laptop

      having problems with OUTPUTing video in Premiere and After effects, with drop frames and  'judderly footage'  THIS IS not on the original footage , but can be seen even when rendering is in progress. ( It is also a 'random problem . so to does not always happen in the same spot /place on the timeline/footage.

      The footage has been used in previous version  CS 4 with out any problems.

      footage  mpeg 4 - avi-s output as mpeg 2



      NEW PC edit suite with 2 raid drives each with 3 partitions. old edit suite had 4 separate drives ?? could it be a problem with reading drives  AS I have also noticed the render ,just for a moment, stops/pauses then continues..... this  VERY short stop also appears in the final output.


      IT's very wysiwyg   ..I'm not outputting to tape  .it is outputting as a  media file mpeg 2, Yet still has the above problems of visual stops/jerks and drop frames .


      some of it looks like interlacing problems................but all is progressive footage ( that's not the prob ,, it is the only way  I can describe it ).


      have changed/added different CODECs,  tried out put as different formats , converting input footage to different formats .the footage plays


      'O.K' in  other video players = vo player  . wmp. QT. and is o.k  on different  computer using  avid, both  on a  timeline  and play back.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          What are the details of you media, your sequence, and your export settings?

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            flash laptop Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.

            MEDIA is numerous  footage files  . ALL  MP4 video files.  @ 1920x1080 upper fields ( we output to PAL) Mill colours  the profile is HDTV  with the colour  set YCbCr.  (NO AUDIO )


            The sequence   compiles of several clips of footage with the same settings as above,  NO mixed footage media , apart from some stills  cleaned up in photos shop. titles are made with in the programme. = AFX or PPro ( another prob, is when making titles in AFX they can NOT be seen in PPro ..just a black square?).


            Audio is a wav from client.


            Export and comp settings. are for  PAL  16.9 SD tv.  =   non square pixels, PAL D1/DV widescreen  there fore HAS to be 720x576 ( final size)  frame rate 25, 16 bpc F ( have tried  lower bit rates and higher  does not help).


            The work space  ,the best I have found since trying to resolve this problem  is to select  "Adobe RGB (1998).....

            The SDTv PAL setting  REALLY screws it up?.. AND  even though it doesn't have the extra  black  ..colour depth  I did try it with the 16-235 setting  which didn't work  Also  tried to soften the SEQ with setting blend colours with the gamma setting.  

            Render settings are output as MPEG 2  multiplexer at  mpeg 2  bit rate , have tried both constant and variable   with the bir rate setting have tried  on CBR and VBR 1 pass  and the min /target/Max bitrate bar has been in every possible position I  can adjust.

            Final output channels are set to RGB with millions of colour  ( no alpha.) with the premultiplied set to matted... again have tried both settings 

            Footage files are on D partition project on  D partition  rendering to E partition, scratch disc is F partition.            ..............................

            eeeeerrrrrrr  I think that's it. please let me know if there is  anything.... I MEAN ANYTHING ... ANYTHING   to help  resolve this.................. going CRAZZZyyy   .




            Again , thank you  for the reply. best wishes,on this warm summer day in Adelaide.




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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              It is a very bad idea to use partitions. They cause a lot of wear-and-tear, reduce performance significantly and put a heavy burden on the system.


              Have you been in the Navy? Why do something the easy way, when there is a much more complicated way seems to be the Navy way.


              You need PAL SD material, so use MPEG2-DVD to export. Keep everything PAL, so 0 - 255 RGB range, 25 fps, 720 x 576 resolution and turn on MRQ. Do not modify anything else, unless you KNOW what you are doing.

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                flash laptop Level 1

                Thanks for the reply...............       MRQ  is....?






                . in fact WAS .RAF 41 SAR,


                .injures from Gulf 1 saw me leave......................... And we usto say . thank god for the navy, cos we have not idea wot we're doing..ha ha ha 

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  MRQ = Maximum Render Quality.


                  Good luck,



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                    flash laptop Level 1

                    o.k  had that to.... also tried

                    ..turning on and off ‘render multiple frames sim.

                    And Changing the ‘secret’settings’for purging frames .etc .problems persist.  ( open pref whilst holding down Ctrl-Shift -D)......I had hope..... thank god we have the army


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                      Jon Barrie ANZ Adobe Employee

                      It sounds more like the cache is corrupted and the files may have dropped frames that then get duplicated.

                      Try to clean the Cache via the preferences Menu under "Media & Disk Cache" > Conformed Media Cache > "Clean Database and Cache" then restart After Effects. If you see any activity of the cache being rebuilt, usually an orange progress bar, leave it until its done rebuilding the cache files. Then export.


                      I wouldn't recommend using Partitions for Video work.


                      - JB

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                        flash laptop Level 1

                        Firstly thanks for the reply


                        and thanks for the twitter replies to cassie ... working in the same place .


                        the cashe is  cleaned up as a constant measure .. I do it as a regular habit   and I do both purge and clean the cashe from pref-box before rendering /exporting out.

                        . and  have the secret’settings’for purging frames .  ( open pref whilst holding down Ctrl-Shift -D)...... aware of  progress bars and rebuilds  as is the same thing we used to  have on the avid Liquid ... really think it's the bosses decision , to  ( despite the advice not to partition .) ..to partition the drive into 3  .. yepp 3 parts....

                        so  ..if you  can help.. write a nice long reply explaining not to do that .. and he might ... just might listen to ...you ..


                        then again  .I,m starting to wonder if it's the clients footage  ..mpeg4 could be the prob..( looks like it was shot at a colour aspect of 4.2?) OR a combination of all..... just  converted mp4 to a avi ... removed the problem of dropped frames....but not the sudden stopping and starting ..( freeze framing??) which is also  seen on the final play  back. AND the project is just 15 seconds long...


                        Sorry ..........  getting STRESS OUT..


                        best wishes on a rainy cloudy day here in Adelaide.Christina

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                          flash laptop Level 1

                          can that .. drops are back even on converted files  .. avi  ,qt, mpg2 and seq image files dropped into PPro....DAM ! ( note... does not affect  audio ?)   (( the seq images don't count as  audio was a wav brought in ..


                          . and now it's raining here in Adelaide.

                          . ChristinA

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                            Jon Barrie ANZ Adobe Employee

                            Check out this link for multiple links on how to build and optimize a system.



                            I'd run a HDD read/write speed test (there are IO Cards that supply a Disk Speed Test Utility) to check the actual speed of the disks.


                            Partitions are bad for video which needs high speed read/write datarates. Espcially if you are running the OS from the same Physcial drive as the content...


                            Good Luck. JB