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    How to create subtitle/caption file from speech analysis


      I need to create .srt SubRip subtilte/closed caption files from the videos we create in Premiere.


      The premiere speech analysis function works pretty well and would be a great starting point to create these files, since it creates a transcript with each word time-coded.  It seems like there should be some obvious way to take this speech analysis metadata and convert it to a SubRip, SubViewer (.sub), DXFP, or SAMI file.


      I noticed that the speech analysis process does create two files with the time-coded transcript: an xml FLVCoreCuePoints (temp_stt.xml) and a tab delimited (temp_stt.tab.txt) file. Again, it seems there should be some obvious way to convert one of these files to a closed caption file format.


      But I've been searching all day and I can't find it!


      Does anyone know of a way to convert the speech analysis metadata into a closed caption file format?  I'm a bit new to video and am just learning the Adobe Production Suite, but it seems like this should be a pretty common need.