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    Form tracking




      was wondering if there was a way of tracking the times a form (url) has been opened/visited, obviously if someone submitted the form i'd have it in the database but i'm talking about the lost submission where someone clicks and opens the form but doesn't submit.


      if there are no built in tool for this capability, what do some of the users here use as a means of tracking results?


      thanks for any suggestions or insight!

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          FormsCentral does not have a built in way of tracking the number of times a form is opened.  You can, however, set up Submision Receipts.  The Submission Receipt is an email that is sent to the form submitter to let them know that their data has made it. To accomplish this you open your form for editing, add an email field, go to the Options tab, select the Email Receipts pane and enable the feature.  Be sure to select the email field you created in the To: dropdown.


          A work around for getting page visit information would be to create your own web page (with a counter) and then embed your form within this page. 



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            leunq Level 1

            Hi Jeff,


            Awesome! your solution will actually work even better for me! thanks very much for the help and suggestion!