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    Making Movies

      My company would like to create a video to put on their website, can they shoot the movie and then save it digitally (any particular format?) and then just upload it to captivate? Are there any "gotcha's" I should know about?

      Thanks in advance for your time and responses!
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          johndaigle Level 4
          Hi, zjillian.
          There are three steps here.
          1. Converting the video to a format that works on the web. That would be either SWF or FLV. SWF would work fine for a relatively short video of a couple of minutes. If you have a very long video, then you would want to use the FLV (the newer Flash Video format - though this is slightly more complicated).

          The process of conversion is called "encoding". If you do not have Adobe Flash or Adobe Premiere, you can use a shareware product called SoThink Video Encoder to Flash http://www.sothink.com/

          2. Once you convert (encode) the video, you can either bring a SWF file directly into RoboHelp using the Insert Multimedia command, or you can create a nice wrapper for it by first inserting the video into an Adobe Captivate demo.

          3. Then, import this Captivate movie into a RoboHelp project topic. You can read about that here:

          If you want to see an example of videos being used in a project, you can take a look at the sample project that comes with RoboHelp 7 (if you have that version). It's called Clownfish School and has examples of underwater videos that were embedded into Captivate movies and imported into RoboHelp. Or, if you don't have RoboHelp 7 and just want to see an example, here is a link to Clownfish School RoboHelp Project

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            zjillian Level 1
            Thanks AGAIN John, your help is sooo appreciated!