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    The SVG code inside the Stage element doesn't render the image as expected in safari and Chrome

    Vinay Nellagi

      Hi All,


      I tried include this simple SVG (as a Code "<svg>...</svg>") in stage OR into a rectangle(div) in side the stage. It comes up good in Firefox ONLY, not in other browsers.


      sym.$("Stage").append('<svg xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/............................ </svg>');


      Demo URL - http://www.dealsdrizzle.com/uxdesign/uxd.html

      Download Link - http://www.dealsdrizzle.com/uxdesign/Archive.zip


      Observations -

      1. If I inculde SVG as a image, for instance - <img src="example.svg"/> OR background image, it comes out fine in all browsers.

      2. If I try to add it "Body" or "Div" OUTSIDE of "Stage" Div. It works consistenetly.


      Why do I need to put it as SVG Code ?? -

      1. I am trying to create actions for each path (<path/>) in SVG. I think I can get access to the "Path" tag by ID only if I have included it as code.. not as image.


      Thanks in advance.


      - Vinay