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    Instant Message Hyperlink Within CS6 Document

    Shaunbell Level 1

      Hi all,


      I was wondering if anyone is aware of a way to create an instant message hyperlink within an Indesign CS6 document. 


      The document is being produced for my firm and it is for internal use only, we all use Lync 2010 so there should be no problem with using sip:user@domain.com (in the same way you would use email:user@domain.com) as the hyperlink text - I've used this in other applications and it works great.  The problem with Indesign is it requires that you stipulate the type of hyperlink you are creating i.e URL, email etc.


      By the way (in case anyone has any other suggestions) the reason I want to do this is to create a live chat button within the document.  I will be exporting the document as a SWF.


      Thanks in advance