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    Query Builder wildcard


      Can query builder use wildcard?



      My query is like following









      The result will contain



      /var/statistics/pages/content/geometrixx/en/products/using-extjs-widgets/.stats/2013  (crxde,  html,  json)

      /var/statistics/pages/content/geometrixx/en/products/using-extjs-widgets/.stats/2013/01  (crxde,  html,  json)

      /var/statistics/pages/content/geometrixx/en/products/using-extjs-widgets/.stats/2013/01/21   (crxde,  html,  json)



      However, we just expect comparing the "day hit count" only.



      Should I apply wild card on this?



      I have tried to use wildcard but no result after search.

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          aklimets Adobe Employee

          Can you clarify on what's wrong with the result?


          BTW, orderby.index=true workaround is not required anymore since CQ 5.3.

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            aslkit Level 1



            /var/statistics/pages/content/geometrixx/en/products/using-extjs-widge ts/.stats/2013  (crxde,  html,  json)

            /var/statistics/pages/content/geometrixx/en/products/using-extjs-widge ts/.stats/2013/01  (crxde,  html,  json)

            /var/statistics/pages/content/geometrixx/en/products/using-extjs-widge ts/.stats/2013/01/21  (crxde,  html,  json)


            The result contains the statistic included year, month and day.


            However, in my case, I only interested for those hit count about day. What should be the query to do so?

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              aklimets Adobe Employee

              Use a node type or property constraint that only matches for those 2013/01/21 nodes. If the "view" property only exists on them, you can add this to your query: