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    Flash Player won't install on my Mac


      I'm using Mac OS 10.7.5 Snow Leopard and while installing Flash Player it stops and tells me to quit Dashboard Clinet.  I've gone to force quit and have stopped everything on there other than the install program and I keep getting the same thing.  Is there a way to stop the Dashboard?  When I open it there does not appear to be a button to do so.

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          I'm having the exact same problem. Been trying to figure it out for the last month. I'm giving up, had a gut full. Used to be easy to update flash player..

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            AMreso Level 4

            Might be the process is running in background.

            Please open the Activity Moniter under Utilities, than try to quit the process.

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              Cargopylot Level 1

              That did the trick!  All of the processes running on my dashboard receive input from wi-fi so I had to remove them all from my dashboard, finish the Adobe install and then put them back.  Thanks!

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                I feel your pain and have a solution that should work. I have been battling this for several weeks now, finally gave up, and wrapped up a call with an Apple engineer an hour or so ago. Come to find out, regardless of what the O/S tells you in Activity Monitor about Safari, Dashboard, or both "not" running, these processes are in fact being called. It seems that, at least in my case, on an up-to-date OS X / Safari combo, and with The Weather Channel widget installed, you will never get the newest Adobe Flash Player update to install. As soon as you remove The Weather Channel widget, the Adobe Flash update process will again work normally. It makes absolutly no sense, but I and the Apple engineer were able to reproduce the fix on my two systems and completely reproduce the issue and the fix on his. Not certain where the "blame" for the issue rests, but I suspect this is a issue with The Weather Channel widget - or at least how it is interacting with the O/S and Safari. I suggest checking for any installed/active widgets that grab/stream any soft of content via the web, removing them, and re-running the Flash updater. I hope this helps. Please reply to let me know if this did the trick for you too.

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                  Cargopylot Level 1

                  Yes, it did!  Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.  Another member had the same solution.  Seems kind of weird that something like that got designed into it.  Thanks again!