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    Premiere Pro File Tab Gets Slow After Audition Edit

    Latte Brothers

      After editing audio multiple times from the Premiere Pro CS5.5 timeline (editing in Audition), Premiere Pro gets extremely slow accessing the “File” tab or any of the functions on the “File” tab.  In some cases we’ve had to wait over a minute for the UI to give the File options.


      This is extremely time consuming, especially when you do multiple saves or exports.


      Perhaps it's not related to the problem, but we found is that each time Audition extracts audio for editing, it adds, “_X Audio Extracted” to the end of the file name, and adds the new file to your directory and project. If you don’t like that audio and edit it again, it adds another “Audio Extracted” to the file name, and so on. After several edits, the filename becomes too long for windows to handle properly, and we find "file" tab access from Premiere becomes extremely slow.


      After cleaning up unused audio versions, and shortening up file names, the PP File function get faster, but not as fast as before Audition Edits.



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          RobSher1 Level 1

          I can't believe more people haven't complained about this issue. An application shouldn't create filenames that are too big for the OS to handle. This has been happening since at least 5.5.


          How have others addressed this issue? By starting Audition and opening the current file that PR is using? Seems that there should be a preference option to retain the original filename or to append _yyyyyyyy numbering or even a date/time code to each subsequent file so the files don't exceed the OS's folder/filename limit.


          I'll add a feature request for the preference options above as I think it would provide the information I'd want to have if I needed to go back to a previous version.


          Can someone from Adobe respond?