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    Project manager copying issues


      I have a largish project - about 140gb of media (made up of about 20 individual media files).


      Out of this I have edited 15 videos. These are edited onto 15 different sequences (with a nested sequence for each of them as they are multi-cam edits).


      I have used at least a small part of each of the media items in the edits, but there is also a lot of unused footage. I have tried to use the Project manager to make a condensed copy of the project. I have selected all the sequences as 'sources' and have checked the 'exclude unused media' box (to try and condense the size of the project).


      Premiere goes through the process of analysing and copying the media ok (as ion there are no errors during the process), HOWEVER, when I open the condensed project not all of the used media has copied. In the nested sequences some of the clips have grey stripes (diagonal backwards) on them and just show as black in the media viewer.


      Am I doing something wrong? Is this an error?


      Any help would be greatly appriciated, thanks!


      Other info:

      Using Premiere Pro CS6 - 6.0.3

      Using Windows 7 64 bit computer

      Footage is AVCHD format (24 Mbps), shot on a Sony NEX EA50UK camera