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    Font Management

    A1_Adam Community Member

      (I'm using CS5.5 on Windows 7)


      I have to admit, I've never been very picky about font management - I've always just dealt with the issues I've come across - but recently, it has become a pain in the neck...


      What solutions are out there to help manage fonts across the Adobe Creative Suite?


      My main problem lies with seemingly corrupt fonts and/or fonts that display foreign characters. Imagine scrolling through your fonts in Illustrator (using the down-arrow) and one of two things happens - 1) the list gets stuck and will not continue to scroll, or 2) the list randomly jumps to foreign character fonts.


      Secondly, I have a LOT of fonts in the list that appear as "Adobe □□□ std," "□□□ Medium," "□□ □□□□ □□" etc. They're all broken up into sub-categories (even some of my usable fonts are in sub-categories within the main font list). I've attached a screenshot for reference.


      I've tried deleting a lot of these fonts from the Windows font folder, but some of them are locked or don't allow deletion. A lot of complaints, but I'm hoping there is an application or simple solution for some of these issues.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.







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          MW Design Community Member

          well, it looks like among your deletions are UI fonts adobe needs. you can try deleting your preferences or uninstalling and reinstalling as a last resort.


          as for windows font management, i use MainType from high-logic.



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            PrintFusion45 FormerEmployees

            It looks to me like the font database has gone corrupt. Try cleaning the font cache files by searching for AdobeFnt*.lst in your explorer search. Shut down all Adobe apps first and then delete these .lst files from their actual location that shows up in the result list. If this doesn't help, then after deleting the .lst files, try un-installing and re-installing your Adobe applications.

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              A1_Adam Community Member

              No luck. Deleted them all and nothing seemed to change...


              Really want to avoid having to re-install (it's a work computer and that means getting IT involved - which is always a headache).

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                Larry G. Schneider ACP/MVP

                Did you restart the computer and then reopen the apps to force a new cache file to be written?