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    Font Management

    A1_Adam Level 1

      (I'm using CS5.5 on Windows 7)


      I have to admit, I've never been very picky about font management - I've always just dealt with the issues I've come across - but recently, it has become a pain in the neck...


      What solutions are out there to help manage fonts across the Adobe Creative Suite?


      My main problem lies with seemingly corrupt fonts and/or fonts that display foreign characters. Imagine scrolling through your fonts in Illustrator (using the down-arrow) and one of two things happens - 1) the list gets stuck and will not continue to scroll, or 2) the list randomly jumps to foreign character fonts.


      Secondly, I have a LOT of fonts in the list that appear as "Adobe □□□ std," "□□□ Medium," "□□ □□□□ □□" etc. They're all broken up into sub-categories (even some of my usable fonts are in sub-categories within the main font list). I've attached a screenshot for reference.


      I've tried deleting a lot of these fonts from the Windows font folder, but some of them are locked or don't allow deletion. A lot of complaints, but I'm hoping there is an application or simple solution for some of these issues.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.