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      100% of the time I use this feature, I get garbage.  A small segment is in the subject line.  It previews OK in IE and Firefox.  Google Chrome produces only code.  My FTP client does upload in Auto (I set it here) as opposed to binary.  I thought changing to ascii and/or auto would fix the problem.  I pruchased Dreamweaver CS6 in October of last year.  I have been fighting with this issue since.  Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled DW.  Yes, I have done multiple clears of my cache and DNS flush.  NOTHING has worked.  I am the current webmaster of an existing site.  This site was updated about a year ago.  Any updating I have needed to do has been done with a $49 program.  I paid big bucks for DW, but it is no good to me if I can't get past this problem.  Help me, please!