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    Flash player update 11.7.700.169 Firefox & IE10 problem


      I have tried to install update 11.7.700.169 on using the automatic update, as well as downloading the update from directly from adobe and following the recommended troubleshooting steps..  The install passes Norton's check, but hangs after clicking yes "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes ...."  It starts out with the little spinning circle but after about a 30 seconds it just quits and doesn't do anything else. No error msg, nothing.  This occurs on both IE and Firefox browsers..


      I am running:

      Firefox 20.0.1, IE 10.0.4, Windows 7, Asus Eee 1015pem netbook. 



      Currently I have 11.6.602.180 installed which hangs when trying to view a video in full screen mode. Would appreciate any additional ideas on how to get this update to install.