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    GraphicLines to Margin


      Hi Forum,


      I m trying to move created GraphicLines to Left MarginEdge.


      var myPage = app.activeDocument;

      var myGraphicLine = myPage.graphicLines.add();


      myGraphicLine.paths.item(0).pathPoints.item(0).anchor = [10, -10];


      myGraphicLine.paths.item(0).pathPoints.item(1).anchor = [10, -3];




      right = app.activeDocument.documentPreferences.pageWidth-app.activeWindow.activePage.marginPrefer ences.right;

      myPx = app.activeDocument.documentPreferences.pageWidth;

      myPy = app.activeDocument.pages[0].marginPreferences.left;

      myZy = myPy-myPx;

      app.selection[0].move[myPy, myPx];



      but  the ESTK error says (undefined, only line is added above the top of page and it is not moved to the left margin edge).


      Can body help on this...

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          Jump_Over Level 5



          You should play with



          and graphicLine's pathPoint.anchor.


          your correct myx position = page.bounds[1] + page.marginPreferences.left


          so set your line as:

          myGraphicLine.paths.item(0).pathPoints.item(0).anchor = [myx, -10];

          myGraphicLine.paths.item(0).pathPoints.item(1).anchor = [myx, -3];



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            shilpa25 Level 1

            Hey Jarek,


            How r u!, thanks for your reply.


            I though i can move it using pageedge - pagemargin.left....


            thanks for your correction.... What can be done, if my top of every graphicLine should falls within the Slug area, assume, the document may in any measurement....


            eg. just like crop marks. I want to move the graphicLine between the pagebound top and slug leaving 5mm space....


            thanks Jarek..... thanks much....

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              shilpa25 Level 1

              Hi Jarek,


              I can move all the sides except,


              after right edge of page bound + page.marginPreferences.bottom (a anchor of a horizontal line starts after right edge of page( near bottom margin ) after +3mm to 10 mm)

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                Jump_Over Level 5



                myY = page.bounds[2] - page.marginPreferences.bottom;

                myX = page.bounds[3] - page.marginPreferences.right;

                myX0 = myX + 3;

                myX1 = myX + 10;

                myGraphicLine.paths.item(0).pathPoints.item(0).anchor = [myX0, myY];

                myGraphicLine.paths.item(0).pathPoints.item(1).anchor = [myX1, myY];



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                  shilpa25 Level 1

                  fantastic Jarek!...


                  thanks so much....


                  you are genius! It helps me to do like this..


                  var myGraphicLine = page.graphicLines.add();

                  myGraphicLine.paths.item(0).pathPoints.item(1).anchor = [page.bounds[0]  + page.marginPreferences.left, page.bounds[2] + 10];



                  thanks so much Jarek.....