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    SFS-DPS Level 1

      Can Anyone tell me anything form this crash report?


      Incopy crashing when trying to open indesign file on server.



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          PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

          Try copying the InDesign file to your local hardrive and then see if it crashes just as a troubleshooting step. It it doesn't then there could be permissions problem for your account on that network drive.

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            SFS-DPS Level 1

            did that. and it worked. so then i tried the file on the server and now its working.


            Had some old packaged files I abandon. Thinking the links could have been corrupt I took the links from the document that works and applied to the document that did not work and document still doesn't work.


            Totally perplexed.

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              PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

              Try creating different versions of this file. Don't add links altogether to that document. If there are many links to the doc, then add a few and then put the doc back on to the server location and then try to access. Then repeat the step for another set of links and then again place this doc on the server and try to access it and test. This way you will find out a corrupt link.

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                SFS-DPS Level 1

                In Addison to replacing and recreating all links I also had the editor and my self repair permissions on our local CPU and now it works.

                That being said i think we still have some server issues that could have corrupted something. But we have been unable to verify for sure.