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    how do i join multiple paths to make one object.....


      .... so as to be able to apply a fill over the whole object?? 


      This might sound more obvious than it actually is in this case so i'll explain.  My partners artwork contains a lot of linework and unfortunately, i can't get the degree of accuracy i need with a continous path.  Therefore, the problem i have is joining lots of paths (some of which have endpoints joining midway through other paths) to make a single object with the strokes preserved, so i can apply a fill to the overall object or to individual sections. 


      I've tried unite, join and all the other commands that i'm aware of but all give undesired effects.  I've tried using a compund path but all that does is make them act as one but still doesn't do what i need with regards to filling the object.


      A simplified example of what i need to achieve is this...... create a square using 4 seperate paths and then a cross through the middle using more seperate paths to create a 4 box square.  I need to be able to make this one object so i can fill each individual square a different colour if need be?? 


      This is something i've found i will need to be able to do on a regular basis so any help is gratefully received


      Thanks for any help in advance