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    Sync Bridge Keywords


      I'm trying to sync Bridge keywords between multiple machines. Since the keywords are embeded in the images, I can keep all the images in Dropbox and Bridge will read the keywords no matter what machine I am on. The problem is it only syncs the keywords in the "FILTER" panel and not the "KEYWORDS" panel. Because of this, if I want to tag a new photo with a keyword that was created on another machine, I have to recreate that tag in the "KEYWORDS" panel then check it.


      Where does Bridge store the keywords? They aren't in the preferece plist file. When I delete that, the keywords in the "KEYWORDS" panel remain. If I know where that file is, I can sync it with Dropbox or Google Drive.

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          jlawes Level 1

          I think I just solved my own problem. In order to see all the keywords in the "KEYWORDS" panel, I just have to select all the images once. Then any keywords associated with those images will show up in the panel.

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            Laurel Zimmer Adobe Employee

            Curious as to why this question was posted in the Adobe Drive forums. Are you also using Adobe Drive in your workflow?


            With regard to Bridge question...might also be helpful to know that you can export a keyword collection by using the "Export" function in the flyout menu of the Keywords panel. You could export all keywords to a txt file and then import it on another machine.